A central Ohio-based company founded on simple principles:
deliver the highest quality natural products that are responsibly
sourced and designed by industry leaders to be safe for consumers.

Heritage & Mission


Black Elk was co-founded by Chris Vince and Scott Holowicki with the goal of providing safe and effective natural products and medicines that are backed by scientific research. Our partnership with the Edison Biotech Institute at Ohio University gives us the channels to do research on a wide variety of compounds found in nature. These compounds will be extracted from various fruits, trees, plants and other natural vegetation. With the recent passage of House Bill 523, which legalized medical marijuana in Ohio, we will eventually extend our research to include cannabis. The lack of quality research on natural compounds (especially cannabis) was the motivating factor to dedicate our time and resources to launch this company. We at Black Elk, believe that there is a better way to treat and heal certain conditions that hamper the human experience. Nature provides us with much of this healing power, we intend to unlock it and make it available to those who respect what they put on and inside their body. Black elk is working diligently to share our research and offer products to those who seek healing through the gift of nature.


To conduct assays utilizing natural extracts, not only ones that are common but also exotic extracts found only in specific areas of the world. With the recent changes in legislation in Ohio, House Bill 523 will allow us to study and utilize the many beneficial compounds found in cannabis. We eventually anticipate combining compounds found in all natural products.


Along our path of discovery, we have forged partnerships with other businesses that share our vision.

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